Hadley & Lyden, Inc.

Toll Free: (888) 679-8181

Phone: (407) 679-8181

Fax: (407) 679-9300

We provide superior customer service

Hadley & Lyden, Inc. has over thirty-five employees to serve the unique needs of the transportation industry. We sell service. Our agents and customer service representatives are trained to handle the specific needs of truckers. At Hadley & Lyden, Inc., you will always be able to speak to a person, in lieu of a machine. We know how frustrating it can be to get voice mail when you need immediate service to request a driver change, an equipment change, or a certificate request. We have several full time employees devoted specifically to requests for certificates of insurance. They will quickly fax or email the insurance information required by your customers. We also have our own claim staff to provide you with immediate assistance after the occurrence of an accident or claim.

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